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Ginseng Rootlets

Please feel free to call or email for rootlet pricing and the shipping date.

Ginseng rootlets are a good alternative to planting seed for those people that are interested in having a mature plant immediately.  Our medium and large rootlets will provide you with seed bearing plants immediately.  They also can provide a very attractive plant for those individuals looking for something unique to plant this year.  (Read Ginseng Growing Instructions to determine the most suitable place to plant ginseng.)  The roots are also of harvestable size and can be harvested and used the same year or left to grow for another growing season.  

Rootlet Planting Instructions

Ginseng rootlets should be planted in the same areas suitable for planting seed (Ginseng Growing Instructions).  When planting rootlets dig a trench or hole deep enough for the rootlet to be placed in and cover with approximately 1/2" to 3/4" of ground.  Pack the ground firmly around the root.  Using leaves or other mulch place a covering of mulch over the ground to help protect the root during the winter months.