About Us

We are one of the oldest family ginseng businesses in Wisconsin.  Our parents began growing ginseng in the late 1950s and the business has continued from that point.  Today Jim and Dave Schumacher run the business along with several great employees.  Our father started shipping ginseng seed to customers that planted it in the woods in the 1970s and we still have several customers that used to purchase from our father.  Today we continue shipping seed to customers that would like to plant it in the woods.  If you ever have any questions about growing ginseng feel free to email or call us at 715-680-1061.  One of the things that has changed over the years is how we stratify the ginseng seed.  We used to bury it in sand in "seed boxes" that we left outside where we could not control the moisture or temperature.  Today all of the seed is stratified in sand in a cooler where the temperature and moisture are controlled.  We have been doing this for quite a few years now and we think it has eliminated a lot of disease from growing on the ginseng seed during the stratification process.  Our germination rates almost always exceed 90% every year and our seedlings are always very healthy.  As was mentioned above, if you ever have any questions or would like to place an order feel free to call us at 715-680-1061.